Welcome to the Career Study Centre, Gujarat, India.

Brief History

Career Study Centre was established in the year 1993 at Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

Career Study Centre was established in the year 1993 at Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

    The initial objectives to establish Career Study Centre were:
  • To facilitate interstate admission guidance to the students
  • To provide career guidance and services

In the initial years, the focus areas were medical, dental, pharmacy, engineering, and management. At the same time, the key states were Maharashtra and Karnataka.

Journey since 2011…

Career Study Centre decided to expand its operation from national to international market.

In the area of medical field, Career Study Centre expanded its reach in China, and Philippines.

In 2017, Career Study Centre registered itself with the Lithuanian government to undertake various academic activities between India and Lithuania.

Today, we have a portfolio of reputed universities from various European countries and works closely with several organizations and education providers locally.

Why Career Study Centre

  1. 1

    Rich experience

    Two decade of rich experience in offering need-based consulting services by understanding technical requirements and psychological needs of students aspiring to study in abroad

  2. 2

    Credible name

    Credible name for enriching students’ academic careers

  3. 3

    Higher education in Continental Europe

    Considered as the first choice for the students aspiring to pursue their higher education in Continental Europe

  4. 4

    Best universities rank

    Official recruitment partner to some of the finest universities ranked among top 200 in the world

  5. 5

    Maintaining Up-to-date information

    Maintaining Up-to-date information on study opportunities, scholarship opportunities and latest changes in visa procedures

  6. 6

    Latest advancements and undergoing research activities

    Constantly updating us with the latest advancements and undergoing research activities in every field, so that we can be in a better position to guide the student towards right direction

  7. 7

    Academic backgrounds

    Ensuring that our counsellors are highly qualified and come from diverse academic backgrounds

  8. 8

    Standards of the international universities

    Operating in the context of student’s interests and the standards of the international universities

  9. 9

    Unique and trust-worthy service

    Unique and trust-worthy service tailored to suit the individual needs

  10. 10

    Ethics and human values

    Ensuring that ethics and human values are maintained in the service

  11. 11


    Value for money.